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Title:Paradise Lot: Interludes (Paradise Lot #5)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:R.E. Vance
Publisher:Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
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Number of Pages:72

Paradise Lot: Interludes (Paradise Lot #5) by R.E. Vance

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Paradise Lot: Interludes (Paradise Lot #5) The gods are gone All of them .

When the gods left their last message to humanity was Thank you for believing in us but it is not enough We re leaving Good luck At first no one took them seriously Until that is all the denizens of all the heavens and hells started showing up on people s doorsteps .

Creatures that were once thought of as myth are now refugees striving to adapt to life on earth Trouble is after eons of living forever they re not very good at being mortal .

Paradise Lot Interludes is two such stories following the trials and tribulations of Other refugees as they do their best to adjust to life in the GoneGod world .

Good Enough .

Aau the jackal guard hates being mortal Once he was part of RE the sun god s elite team of warriors but now he is forced to live in a slum called Paradise Lot And what s worse Aau must live across the alley from a whining human child who smells of soiled diapers and tears Aau misses who he was misses his brother but most of all misses having a life of purpose And now that this child is screaming Aau wonders what he can do to regain his former glory .

Interludes .

Not all the gods are gone They left behind one of their own Seems that Dionysus the Greek god of revelry partied a wee bit too hard the night before he was supposed to leave and was accidently left behind Alone and mortal on the lowest of all realms Earth Dionysus is forced to find meaning But what meaning can there be for the god of joy and excess debauchery and drama Earth is bleak boring and full of pain Dionysus is beginning to think it was a mistake for the gods to leave without first ending all life A mistake that Dionysus can fix .

Paradise Lot is a new urban fantasy series by R E Vance that chronicles the adventures of the humans and Others alike as they struggle to navigate this strange new post apocalyptic godless world .

The Cast .

The human Jean Luc The angel Penemue The gorgon Medusa The fairy TinkerBelle The archangel Michael The succubus Astarte The poltergeist Judith The shade Bella .

And introducing Aau the jackal guard and Dionysus the former god of revelry .

As well as many many more legendary characters from mythology folklore and fairy tales

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